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Gregory's Pressure Treated Deck

Gregory came to us wanting more space to entertain while keeping maximum privacy. I suggested a ground level deck and adding stairs from the upper deck to lower deck. To help keep the cost down he went with pressure treated wood, and we added a border to give the deck...

Joe's Pressure Treated Deck

Joe wanted an affordable big deck for entertaining. We did a brown, pressure treated, two level deck with wrap around stairs and pressure treated railing.

Richard's Deck & Pergolas

Richard came to us with his first house, looking to add his first deck. This young family had a good idea of what they wanted but needed some direction and skilled labour. We did a full pressure treated wrap around deck, with two pergolas using Ozco hardware. We added skirting,...

Custom Pressure Treated Decks in Edmonton

Pressure treated decks are one of the top choices for many homeowners who want a classic luxury wood look that is both durable and cost effective. Pressure treated wood is versatile, easy to work with, can withstand Edmonton’s harsh climate, and combat insects and pests.

What Is Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure treated wood is a very popular outdoor building material that has been used for over 50 years. The pressure treatment process is applied to any wood, typically softwood lumbers, to give them anti-ageing and insect repelling properties which ensure long lasting durability, protection, and resistance to rot.

The wood is chemically treated in a special vessel that uses a combination of both pressure and vacuum to penetrate the wood with preservatives in a treating solution (either water or oil). Through this process the preservatives are deeply absorbed into the wood cells which give the wood long term staying power against natural elements. Pressure treated wood can have 5 to 10 times the service life of untreated wood, and can last for 20 years or more when installed properly.

The Benefits of Using Pressure Treated Wood For Your Deck

Beautiful Aesthetic

The beautiful natural appearance of the lumber is not compromised even though the wood is pressure treated. This means you don’t lose the natural wood look. Pressure treated decking can be stained with a variety of stains as well to bring together your full vision for your outdoor living space.


Pressure treated wood safeguards your deck from insects, micro-organisms and fungal decay. The preservatives protect your wood from the inside out which helps the wood to withstand the effects of all four seasons; from heavy snowfalls to summer showers, your pressure treated deck can fight all the elements. The durability of the wood safeguards it from being easily scratched, dented, or damaged which helps prolong its lifespan.

Cost Effectiveness

Pressure treated decking is one of the most commonly used deck materials because it is cost effective and budget friendly in comparison to other options like composite or cedar decks. There is a large range of grades available to choose from because any wood can be pressure treated, but even with a higher grade of wood it can be far more affordable than other exotic lumbers like cedar, redwood, or alternative options like vinyl and PVC.

Edmonton Decks – Committed To Craftsmanship

At Edmonton Deck’s we are committed to providing you with complete deck building services from start to finish. We are passionate about building you a new beautiful deck that is functional, durable, and tailored to your unique property needs. Ready to create the outdoor living space of your dreams? Get a quote today!



Pressure treated wood is durable, versatile, and budget friendly.

Long lasting

Pressure treated decks are durable, can last for decades, and withstand our harsh Alberta seasons.

Insect repelling

The preservatives in pressure treated wood repel insects and pests.