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Custom Designed & Installed PVC Decks in Edmonton

PVC decks offer a completely synthetic option to homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional wood decking. PVC boasts a long lifespan, is maintenance free, extremely durable, and water resistant, all of which make it an industry leader. For households that value a unique and modern aesthetic, and want more time to enjoy their outdoor living space, then a PVC deck may be perfect for your family.

What is PVC?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is estimated to be the world’s third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. It’s very likely that there are other elements in your home that already use PVC, like window trim for example. PVC is truly unique in that it is made of 100% plastic and has no organic components, which gives it a distinct look in comparison to other decking materials. A large number of manufacturers also use post-consumer recycled plastics to produce PVC, helping to reduce and divert unwanted materials ending up in landfills.

Due to the complexities involved in the manufacturing process of PVC, known as co-extrusion, this type of decking option is more expensive than other options like pressure treated wood or composite, however; the chemical composition of PVC means it is one of the most durable materials on the market. As a result PVC deck boards are extremely durable and highly resistant to moisture, mould, insects, dents, stains, and fading.

The Advantages of Having a PVC Deck in Edmonton

Unique Aesthetic

PVC decking gives homeowners a distinctly unique look that is modern and stunning. With the technological advances and innovations from many brands in the market, PVC products allow you to achieve a hardwood look with boards that mimic natural fibre wood grain both in colour, texture, and pattern, with options that include multi-colour streaking to give you added depth and truly emulate real hardwood.

First Class Performance

With a PVC deck you gain the best performing deck with a long life span, and still can achieve the look of hardwood without the maintenance, hassle, and worries that come with a wood deck. Since PVC is a synthetic decking material it does not contain any organic material, this means it’s mold and moisture resistant, and the perfect deck material for wet locations. With no organic content in the product you don’t have to worry about damage from insects or infestation. Another advantage of PVC is that it’s durable exterior is dent resistance, and kid and pet friendly. No cracking, splintering, or sanding ever required.

Long Lifespan

PVC decking is designed and produced to last a lifetime, and your best defence against the extreme weather conditions in Edmonton. While the initial investment is more than other deck options, the long term return for a PVC deck is more than worth the cost. A PVC deck is truly low maintenance, a yearly wash with soap and water is all the work and effort required to keep the deck at its best. No yearly hassle of sanding, staining, repairs, or upkeep; spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space.

Edmonton Decks – Dedicated to Creating the Best Outdoor Living Spaces

At Edmonton Decks we are committed to providing homeowners with beautiful, well designed, and comfortable outdoor living spaces. A deck can increase the amount of usable space that your family can enjoy together, and improve the appearance and value of your home. At Edmonton Decks we have had the privilege of creating decks for Edmontonians for over 35 years. Our craftsmanship, quality, and experience is second to none. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space with a high quality, beautiful deck, contact us for a quote today!


Gauaranteed performance

All Fiberon products come with a minimum 25 year product warranty and 5 year limited labour warranty. Learn more.

Long lasting

PVC is built to last a lifetime and is one of the best decking materials in today’s market.


PVC is 100% synthetic which makes it ideal for wet weather conditions and the intense Alberta seasons. It is mold, fungus, and insect resistant.

Maintenance free

No yearly maintenance, repairs, or upkeep is required. Save time and money, and spend more time enjoying your deck.


PVC is extremely durable, can withstand dents, high foot traffic, and is even flame resistant.